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Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I have a passion for painting, drawing, hand lettering, and creating. Because of this, I started photographing my work and posting them on my instagram account @edavisartwork.

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and take a lot of inspiration from the endless days I spent on the beach every summer. I love coloring my work with many different shades of blue and green, like the colors of the ocean that have influenced my life in so many positive ways. I love making pieces for people who connect with the ocean as much as I do, and I specialize in hand-lettering signs, and pen and ink watercolors!

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing may vary slightly based on materials or request. For large signs, it is highly recommended to provide the material you wish to have lettered to ensure the proper size and desired material. The sizing listed below is a general estimate, and I can accomodate any size needed. The price list should be used as an estimate only and does not include the price of materials.

Size Price
Seating charts (150 people or more) $400
Seating charts (80-149 people) $300
Large (24" x 32") $250
Medium (20" x 30") $200
Small (11" x 14") $150
Extra small (5" x 7") $75

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Images courtesy of Nicole Klym Photography.

Images courtesy of Laura Lee Photography.

Additional creative work and designs